Complaint Resolution Policy

Purpose:  To create a transparent and defined process for receiving and responding to external complaints.

1.    Policy Statement
The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a registered Canadian charity that is committed to high standards of activities and service excellence. The Foundation values the opportunity to address external stakeholder concerns or complaints in order to achieve service recovery and quality improvement.
2.    Scope
This policy applies to the Foundation’s public stakeholders, such as donors and community volunteers.  Internal complaints should be reported through Human Resources and Management.  

3.    Definitions

3.1    Public Stakeholder
“Public Stakeholder” or “Public Stakeholders” means anyone from outside the Foundation and could be, but not limited to, recipients of Foundation marketing and communications, suppliers, volunteers, donors, event participants, and sponsors.

3.2 Complaint
A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions or lack of action by the Foundation as an organization or a staff member or volunteer acting on behalf of the Foundation that is escalated through the process identified in this policy.

4.    Process of Raising a Concern

4.1 Reporting - Many problems can be resolved easily and quickly, often at the time they arise, by speaking to a Foundation representative or by contacting the Foundation’s general inquiries line (780 433 5437). If a problem cannot be resolved in this way, or if a member of the public wishes to make a complaint, the complaint should be submitted to the Vice President, Fundraising Operations, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, using the following methods:

by email:

by phone: 780 431 4611 or Toll Free 1-877-393-1411

by mail: Attention: Vice President, Fundraising Operations,
Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
800, 8215 112ST, Edmonton AB, T6G 2C8

The Foundation will acknowledge the receipt of a complaint within two (2) business days.

4.2 Evidence – Although a complainant is not expected to prove the truth of an allegation, a complainant should be able to demonstrate that he or she has made a report in good faith.

5.    Complaint Receipt and Handling

5.1 Accountability and Documentation – All Foundation staff and volunteers will have a working knowledge of the Complaint Resolution Policy and associated processes.

Complaints will be initially handled by the Vice President, Fundraising Operations. Another staff member, Officer, or Board member may be assigned to handle the complaint.  If the complaint is transferred, the recipient must acknowledge to the transferor that he/she has received it and will act on it.

Information about such complaints must be recorded on a complaints tracking worksheet. Information recorded will include a description of the complaint, who handled it, what was done to resolve the complaint, timeframe and a description of the resolution.

The tracking sheet will be reviewed periodically to determine whether there are frequently recurring complaints of a similar type. If there are, an investigation will be initiated to determine whether there are systemic process issues within the Foundation that need to be addressed to eliminate reoccurring incidences.

If the Vice President cannot resolve the complaint, it will be escalated to the President & CEO.  If the complaint is about the President & CEO, it will be handled by the Chair of the Governance & Human Resources Committee.

5.2 Further Investigation – The Foundation will investigate the complaint and may seek further information from any officer, director, employee, contractor, volunteer or stakeholder of the Foundation, as appropriate. Some complaints may require more effort to address. The actions taken by the Foundation with respect to a particular allegation will depend on the nature of the reported violation

5.3 Outcomes – Each case is unique, but the Foundation will handle any allegation reported pursuant to this policy respectfully and with discretion. If the facts warrant it, the Foundation will take corrective action or disciplinary action equal to the severity of the complaint.

5.4 Timeliness and Reporting Back – Complainants should be kept informed of the status of their complaint.  Every attempt should be made to resolve escalated complaints within an additional 10 business days so that all complaints are resolved within a month of having been received.  The Foundation will respond as soon as possible after the matter has been reviewed and a determination has been reached. The complainant will be advised of the results of the review.

5.5 Anonymous Allegations – Thorough investigation often depends on an ability to gather additional information. The Foundation encourages complainants to put their names to their inquiries. The Foundation will explore anonymous inquiries to the extent possible, but will weigh the prudence of continuing an investigation against the likelihood of confirming the alleged facts or circumstances from sources.

5.6 Report to the Board – A summary of the complaints received including number and type will be reported to the Board of Trustees annually.

6.    Related Policies & Documents
•    Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy
•    Confidentiality & Privacy Protection Policy

7.    Approvals
Approved by: Executive    
Effective date:    August 26, 2016
Last review date: August 26, 2016