Anneliese, 4

“The Stollery is our village. We wouldn’t be here today without Anneliese's doctors and nurses who've saved her life more than five times." - Anneliese's mom, Kristen

Anneliese loves dressing up to play house, reading books with her big brother and going for walks any chance she gets – all thanks to the Stollery’s experts who are always there when she needs them.Anneliese 1

Born with cerebral palsy and a blockage in her brain, Anneliese underwent her first brain surgery at five days old to insert a shunt that drains the fluid from her brain.

Rushed from her home in Lamont to the Stollery for emergency surgery at six weeks old when her shunt failed, Anneliese’s neurosurgery team saved her life once again.

Now four years old and living in Bon Accord, Anneliese has undergone five life-saving brain surgeries, visited the Stollery’s emergency countless times and been admitted to the Hospital 24 times. She receives ongoing care at the Stollery for her complex medical needs, which is why Anneliese's family is grateful to have a world-class children’s hospital right in their own backyard.

"Please donate what you can to help vulnerable kids like Anneliese stay healthy, and help our doctors and nurses who have to fight COVID-19." - Kristen

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Your donation will help fund initiatives such as the Stollery Critical Incident Stress Management program, which helps front-line doctors, nurses and support staff receive vital, peer-to-peer mental health support during the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises. 

Even for the most resilient care providers, the stress of COVID-19 coupled with the potentially traumatic cases that come from caring for kids like Anneliese with the most complex medical conditions can take a psychological toll. 

Thank you for helping us care for the ones who care for our kids.

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