Madelyn, 2

“The truth is, none of us can ever know when it’s going to be someone you know or your own family who needs the Stollery. We never thought it would be us.” – Madelyn’s mom, Terra

When baby Madelyn was born, her mom was only allowed to hold her for 30 sweet minutes. Then medics whisked her away, into a waiting transport that took her to the people that could give her the very best chance of surviving – the Stollery’s world-class team of doctors and nurses. Madelyn

Madelyn was born with a serious heart problem. At only seven days old, doctors at the Stollery performed open-heart surgery on her tiny heart that was just the size of a walnut.

Now two years old, Madelyn has survived two heart surgeries and is awaiting her third. She continues to grow and hit milestone after milestone at home.

Madelyn will always need the Stollery, which is why her family is grateful it's right in their own backyard and is Western Canada’s most specialized children’s hospital and hub for children’s heart surgery.

"Please donate what you can so the Stollery’s doctors and nurses have what they need to keep vulnerable kids like our Madelyn alive.” - Terra

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Your donation will help to fund two critical pieces of equipment that will help vulnerable baby’s like Madelyn who continue to need care during this pandemic: a highly specialized ultrasound that helps surgeons see into a baby’s heart – even when it’s just the size of a walnut; and, a device called a transesophageal echocardiogram that lets doctors conduct an echocardiogram through a patient’s esophagus to get a clearer picture.

As a donor, every day you help the Stollery save children's lives. Terra would like you to know: "From our family to yours – there are simply not enough words to say ‘thank you’ to all the donors like you who make sure the Stollery has what it needs to take care of kids like our Madelyn. Without donors, the Stollery wouldn’t be here as the best place for the most vulnerable kids. And without the Stollery, our Madelyn wouldn’t be here.”

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