Sophia, 11

“Some say ‘only’ the vulnerable will be at risk. But your ‘only’ is my EVERYTHING.” - Sophia's mom, Stephanie

Sophia's family has learned that time is precious, and they don't take any of the time they have together for granted. Their family is in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect Sophia the best they can. Sophia Covid Web Page 200X235

At eight months old, Sophia was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, which causes severe damage to her lungs and heart.

At the Stollery in 2015, she became the youngest and smallest patient in Canada to receive a Potts shunt in her heart, which has helped alleviate the high pressure in her heart and allowed doctors to lower her medication doses.

Originally from Fort McMurray, Sophia and her family moved to Edmonton to be closer to the Stollery due to her ongoing complex medical needs.

Now 11 years old, Sophia is on oxygen 24/7 and has been accepted as a candidate for transplant, with her Stollery team assessing whether she needs a lung transplant, or both a heart and lung transplant. Sophia faces every day with courage, love and a little humour.  

"Please stay home as directed and donate what you can to help Stollery kids like our daughter." -Sophia's mom, Stephanie

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Up until COVID-19 hit, Sophia was in Grade 6 and attending school as often as her health allowed. Her mom, Stephanie, says that for Sophia, the isolation will always be part of her life and staying at home when others are sick is her normal because her immune system is compromised and even a common cold could be the end for her.

You can help vulnerable kids like Sophia: please follow AHS advice about physical distancing and isolating - and if you're able to, please continue to donate to ensure specialized care for kids like Sophia from backyards across Alberta.

Together, we can give kids the best chance at a long and healthy life. Thank you!

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