Stollery Action Fund

All of us are more aware than ever of how much we need to care for each other, and how much we need our hospital’s front-line medical teams to care for our families – especially our kids with vulnerable immune systems.

Your donations to the Stollery Action Fund will go to the Hospital’s highest priority needs, including specialized equipment, programs, research and training during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

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Your generous gift will help vulnerable Stollery kids, their families and the Stollery's care teams in three vital areas during this difficult time, including:

Front-line care providers: Help us care for the ones who care for our kids. Your donation supports the Stollery Critical Incident Stress Management program, which helps front-line caregivers receive peer-to-peer mental health support during the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises so they can continue to be by the bedside of every child who needs them.

Patients and families: Help families stay connected to their critically ill newborns, especially while visitors are limited in hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis. Your donation funds bedside NICView cameras in the Stollery’s neonatal intensive care units, so families can see their infants anytime and from anywhere through a live video feed to their phone or computer.

Research: Help our Stollery Science Lab and other pediatric researchers lead the way in understanding and fighting COVID-19. Your donation supports groundbreaking work that leads to new treatments and better patient outcomes for kids – from researching children’s emergency care during the pandemic, to a biorepository that preserves samples of COVID-19 for current and future research.