Board of Trustee Nomination Process

Each year, the board of trustees must recruit new members to replace retiring members from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation board of trustees.

The Foundation attracts excellent candidates from across Alberta. Diversity in the board is important and the Foundation also balances the right skills to achieve the Foundation’s vision and mission. As a result, the nominations process is designed to manage expectations of potential volunteers, ensure that the board is attracting the skills it needs to succeed, and create a level playing field for interested parties to apply.

Board structure

Being a trustee on the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation board is a rewarding and meaningful volunteer experience. As the dedicated fundraising body for the Stollery Children’s Hospital, the trustees help represent the wishes of our 100,000 annual donors.

Trustees are actively engaged by management to provide strategic direction for the Foundation rather than providing tactical or operational advice. The board is comprised of 22 voting members and ex-officio members which include representatives from the Hospital, AHS and the University of Alberta. There is a need to recruit two to three replacement members every June.

Time expectations

Trustees serve a three-year term with the option of one renewal term. Trustees attend quarterly board meetings. In addition, each trustee participates in a minimum of one committee. Committees meet quarterly for 2.5 hours. All meetings are in Edmonton; however participation by phone and video conference is available. A trustee can spend between 150 and 300 hours a year volunteering on the board.

In addition to the board of trustee meeting schedule, all trustees are requested to participate in a minimum of two fundraising events per year, either as a volunteer or participant.

Giving and fundraising expectations

The Foundation’s mission is to raise funds, thank people and share the difference donations make for excellence at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. As a result, all trustees are expected to help raise funds for the Foundation. They can do this in a number of ways, but to be clear, there is an expectation all trustees will do their part to attend events, open doors for new donors, leverage their connections and help thank donors. There is an expectation that all trustees are also donors to the Foundation. The amounts of donation vary, but are meant to be in line with a person’s ability to give based on their circumstances. The commitment to make the donation is an essential element; if we expect others to give to the Foundation it’s important that there is 100 per cent participation from those closest to our cause to also give.

Recruitment process

For those interested in becoming a trustee, the Foundation asks for the following information:

  • A person’s CV or resume
  • A letter of intent explaining their interest

Shortlisted candidates may be asked to complete a skills set checklist to help identify the skills they feel they would bring to the Foundation’s board.

All candidates are important and bring value. Based on the makeup of the current trustees, there may be some skills that the Foundation is seeking over others. Skills are broken up into areas related to expertise, knowledge of industry, areas of inclusiveness and diversity and connectivity to the Hospital and Foundation, including past volunteerism.

Timing of recruitment

Each February and March the Foundation’s nomination team, made up of trustee representatives, will evaluate all candidates received throughout the year. This group will evaluate all candidates who apply and create a shortlist of candidates.

The shortlist of candidates compiled by the nominations team is presented to the governance and human resources committee in March. This committee must approve the shortlist before interviewing and subsequently sending it to the board of trustees.

The short list of candidates is presented to the board of trustees at the June board meeting. Candidates must be approved by the board before they are offered the opportunity to join the board of trustees. Once approved, the chair of the governance and human resources committee informs each candidate on the outcome.

New trustees begin their term in June with an onboarding period over the summer. During this time the board chair will meet with the successful candidates to plan their committee and volunteer commitments for the coming year.

Unsuccessful candidates

Those people who are unsuccessful in being elected to our board will be contacted in June by the chair of the governance and human resources committee. Individuals will be invited to remain on the list for consideration for two years. Thereafter, they will be asked to reassert their interest in writing. All individuals who are interested in serving the Foundation are also asked to participate in other volunteer activities through the year. These efforts make a difference in being considered for trustee positions, because it shows that the commitment is to helping the cause regardless of the role.

It is the intent of the Foundation to encourage participation while managing expectations of potential volunteers and creating a fair and inclusive process for all those interested in participating in the Foundation.