Executive Committee

Chair: Carrie Doll

Nicole Bird

Deb Dodd

Robyn Eeson

Barbara Engelbart McKenzie

Karla Horcica

Kathy House


Stacey Johnson

Erin Kirby

Karen Klak

Karen Lequier

Katie Milroy

Brittany Nugent

Lydia Talpash


Events Sub-Committee

Sub-committee lead: Nicole Bird
Full committee

Family and Patient Support Sub-Committee

Sub-committee lead: Katie Milroy
Full committee

Recruitment Sub-Committee

Sub-committee lead: Robyn Eeson
Full committee

Communications Sub-Committee

Sub-committee co-lead: Barbara Engelbart McKenzie
Sub-committee co-lead: Brittany Nugent
Full committee

Camrose Committee

Full commitee

Giving and Outreach Ambassadors

Full commitee