Meet Brayden

September 18, 2018, was the worst day of my life. And it could have ended in tragedy, if it weren’t for caring people like you.

When I picked my kids up at the end of the day, my son Brayden seemed tired. He was just six at the time, and when my daughter said “Brayden fell asleep at school today,” I just put it down to the fatigue of starting full-day school for the first time.

When we got home, he said he was sleepy and went for a nap. At dinner, he took a sip of milk and it all spilled out of his mouth. Odd, but not completely out of the ordinary for a six-year-old.

Then as we sat together in the evening, I noticed that some of the words he was saying just didn’t sound right. I don’t know what made me pause — maybe mother’s intuition — but I asked him to look at me and smile.

Only half his face moved.” — Karen Pelletier, Brayden’s grateful mom

Brayden suffered a stroke when he was just six years old. He was Schf20008 Brayden Pic 1transported to Stollery Children’s Hospital where the doctors and nurses saved his life. He spent eight days in the Stollery, undergoing many tests.

Doctors discovered that part of Brayden’s heart had never closed. So he underwent a cardiac operation to close it up. This is a procedure not normally performed on children and Brayden was only the second child at the Stollery to have it done (and by far the youngest).  

But modern medicine and the Stollery staff are amazing and Brayden came through the surgery with flying colours.

Today our hospitals and health-care workers are needed more than ever. You can help them provide the best treatment for the kids in their care. 

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Your donation will help purchase the critical equipment our doctors and nurses need to keep kids like Brayden alive.

You fund equipment. You fund research. You fund the little things that make a huge impact on families when they need hope and compassion the most.

Thank you for your generous and compassionate support for Stollery kids.


Mike House, MBA, ICD.D

President & CEO, Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation