Meet Christian

Christian babyWhen Christian was four months old, he developed a fever. His mom, Monica, couldn't get the fever to come down, and Christian couldn't keep down any food, so she took him to the Stollery where he stayed for four days to get treatment for a stomach bug.

Christian stayed grumpy and tired and wasn't interested in anything. One day, his hand started turning purple. Realizing something was going wrong with his circulation, his mom took him to his pediatrician, who immediately readmitted him to the Stollery Children’s Hospital to see a specialist.

They saw specialist after specialist, and spent hours answering questions. It wasn’t until they saw a cardiologist that Christian’s family finally had some answers.

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His mom says, “I will never forget it. I was sitting in the room while Christian was having an echocardiogram done. The doctor came in and looked at the screen. I could see on his face that there was something wrong with my little boy’s heart.

"I was devastated to learn that Christian had Kawasaki disease — that it was causing multiple giant aneurysms, blood clots and an embolism that had cut off circulation to his right hand. And that he had already suffered a heart attack.  

"It was all so overwhelming. But the nurse who was with us, monitoring Christian’s vital signs, said to me, 'Now that we know what could be wrong, we can come up with a treatment.' She was right, and her words put me at ease.”

Christian received a life-saving heart transplant thanks to a caring family and donations from people like you.

He is alive today thanks to the Stollery Children’s Hospital — and supporters like you.

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Christian joyToday, Christian is a happy, healthy six-year-old. He’s in Grade 1, and he loves playing Lego and laser tag with his big brother. His family is looking forward to spending the holidays together.

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