Meet Elias

Elias is a happy nine-year-old boy who loves to play soccer and build Lego. That’s thanks to the Stollerific staff at the Stollery Children’s Hospital — and you. Because of you, Elias is home with his family today.  

EliasAt just six days old, Elias had his first open-heart surgery. Then at three months, he had his second. His family spent the next three years at home watching Elias grow up. When his health started to decline again, he headed back to the Stollery for his third open-heart surgery. 

Unfortunately, Elias suffered a massive stroke.  

For the next three months, the Stollery team of experts brought Elias back into the operating room at least once a week to relieve pressure on his brain. Surgeons would remove half of his skull, allowing the swelling to go down, then replace his skull. His family was then given the grim news — a five per cent chance of ever bringing Elias home.    

As Elias’s mom Cecile says, “You never plan to have a sick child. But if a child you love is ever sick, just know that the doctors and nurses and loving staff at the Stollery will be there for them.”

As a result of his stroke, Elias developed cerebral palsy, has speech and vision issues, short- and long-term memory loss and mobility issues.  

But Elias has defied the odds! He’s reading independently, walking with supportive aids on his feet and is a wiz at typing. According to his mom, he’s just like any other nine-year-old kid.   

This is all thanks to the amazing care he received at the Stollery — and you.

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