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Cameron loves swimming, chocolate, spending time with his older brother Brady and his new puppy, Nugget – all thanks to the experts at the Stollery Children’s Hospital who never gave up on him.

Born prematurely and weighing just over two pounds, Cameron spent 254 days in the Phil Etches Stollery neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Royal Alexandra Hospital site and the David Schiff Stollery NICU at the University Hospital site. After spending two weeks on an artificial lung machine with a 50 per cent chance of survival, Cameron got to go home on World Prematurity Day in 2015. Over the summer of 2020, Cameron had surgery on his hips and spent a week at the Stollery recovering. Today, Cameron is thriving and gets ongoing care at the Stollery for cerebral palsy, which is why his family is grateful to have a world-class children’s hospital right in their backyard. Read more.

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