“Christian is alive today thanks to the Stollery Children’s Hospital – and supporters like you.” — Monica, Christian’s mom

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Christian is a happy, healthy little boy who loves playing Lego and laser tag with his big brother, Tyler. Thanks to the world-class Stollery Children’s Hospital, Christian gets to make many more memories with his family.

When Christian was four months old, he wasn’t acting like himself and one day his hand started turning purple. His mom took him to see his pediatrician who immediately sent him to the Stollery. After seeing multiple specialists, a cardiologist diagnosed Christian with Kawasaki disease. The Kawasaki disease had caused multiple giant aneurysms, blood clots and an embolism that cut off circulation to his right hand. Christian had even already suffered a heart attack. A month after diagnosis, Christian had his fingertips shortened and was assessed for a heart transplant. When he was 10 months old, Christian received the gift of life and had a heart transplant.

Christian has yearly follow-up appointments at the Stollery, and his family knows he is alive today thanks to the world-class Stollery Children’s Hospital.

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