Dr. Michael Hawkes

“With your support, our research program can be taken to the next level.” — Dr. Michael Hawkes

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Dr. Hawkes has been a physician at the Stollery Children’s Hospital since 2013 and his research has been supported by the Foundation since 2013.

Dr. Michael Hawkes is an infectious disease physician at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and one of seven Stollery Science Lab Distinguished Researchers within the Stollery Science Lab. He is harnessing the sun’s power to reduce childhood deaths in the developing world.

Hawkes is also an associate professor in the faculty of medicine & dentistry and a member of the Women and Children's Health Research Institute. He has developed a solar-powered oxygen system that delivers medical-grade oxygen off the grid 24/7. It combines solar panels, batteries and oxygen concentrators.

About 900,000 children die annually of pneumonia, most of them in poor countries with limited access to life-saving oxygen. Fewer than 10 per cent of pediatric hospital wards in Uganda, for example, have adequate oxygen therapy.

Hawkes’ team has installed two solar oxygen systems in Uganda, and the Stollery Science Lab funding is helping them expand into 20 more.

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