“Without the Stollery, there would be so many empty families.” — Whitney, Jace’s mom

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Jace is a happy little boy who loves the outdoors! Thanks to experts at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Jace can look forward to many more adventures.

Jace’s family knew he would be born with a kidney condition, and at six weeks old, they found out Jace’s left kidney didn’t work. For the first two years of his life, Jace had many ultrasounds and many visits to the doctor. In June 2018, he was having fevers, not eating, not sleeping and complaining of pain in his tummy all the time. The tests the urologist did weren’t showing anything was wrong – but they could see things weren’t good for Jace. In November 2018, his parents approved a surgery to remove his kidney and ureter, not knowing if this was going to solve Jace’s health problems. Jace had his surgery on his third birthday – and the Stollery team went above and beyond to make the birthday boy feel special. Since his surgery, Jace has grown like a weed and is back to being his funny, silly self! Jace’s parents know surgery was the right choice for their son, and they feel lucky to have this world-class hospital in their backyard.

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