“We knew that Mackenzee was in good hands.” — Kim, Mackenzee’s mom

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Mackenzee loves music, movies and snuggles! She looks to be a cheerful young toddler, but she’s actually 12 years old. Thanks to the experts at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Mackenzee has been given the gift of time with her family, despite having an extremely rare and undiagnosed medical condition.   

Mackenzee was born at 36 weeks and was immediately transferred to the Stollery. Weighing just over three pounds, Mackenzee was not developing in the womb and was born very fragile. She spent her first six months at the Stollery before her parents could bring her home for the very first time. As she got older, it was apparent Mackenzee wasn’t developing properly. She is unable to walk or talk and she’s fully G-tube fed. Mackenzee has had multiple rounds of genetic testing and her results come back normal every time. Her condition is a medical mystery that scientists across the globe have tried to diagnose, with no success. Mackenzee’s parents thought she may only make it through her first week, but thanks to her team at the world-class Stollery Children’s Hospital, Mackenzee is still with us today.

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