“At the Stollery, the medical professionals don’t just help the kids survive – they work hard to allow kids to thrive.” — Dane, Nathan and Aleena’s dad

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A lifelong Stollery kid, Nathan is an old soul who is wise beyond his years. Thanks to the expert care he continues to receive at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Nathan gets to be a wonderful big brother to his brother and sister.

Nathan’s Stollery story began with dwarfism, but quickly shifted when doctors discovered he was also born with significant respiratory issues. During his first two months of life, Nathan had five procedures, including a tracheotomy and a g-tube. Nathan spent more than the first seven months of his life at the Stollery, where his medical team treated him and his family with the best level of care. Nathan had his tracheostomy tube removed when he was four years old, and when he turned 10, he had titanium rods put in his back, growth plates put in his knees and a double osteotomy to realign his knee and reduce joint pressure. Nathan has more surgeries in his future, and his family is thankful to have the world-class Stollery right in their backyard.2021 Schf Stollerystorysquad Website Banner Divider 1200X64