“At the Stollery they treat the kids like kids.” — Kirsty, Olivia’s mom

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Olivia loves drawing, reading and animals. Thanks to the cardiac care she continues to receive at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Olivia gets to spend more time doing what she loves.

Born with a rare heart defect, Olivia has had many hospital stays over the years. Her treatment has included two open-heart surgeries, two pacemaker surgeries and multiple catheters to help regulate her heart rhythm. The team at the Stollery has always taken a family-centered approach to Olivia’s care; from the child life specialists helping her feel more at ease by visiting The Beach playroom, pet therapy visits and even helping Olivia’s parents talk to their son about her medical condition. As Oliva blossoms into a young lady, the team has made a conscious effort to include her in all medical treatment plans. Olivia will require ongoing care at the Stollery, which is why her family is grateful to have a world-class children’s hospital right in their backyard.2021 Schf Stollerystorysquad Website Banner Divider 1200X64