Bequest In Your Will

Making a will, no matter what your age or estate value, is both a caring and sensible thing to do.  Here’s why:

  • A will helps avoid possible legal tangles, family arguments, estate distribution delays and excessive tax liabilities. 
  • A will lets you distribute your money and property exactly as you wish, thus securing your family's financial future as well as acknowledging friends and organizations.  

A bequest is a gift of cash or property that you make in your will.  It is one of the most common ways that individuals choose to give a future or legacy gift to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. It usually takes one of two forms:

  • Unrestricted bequest - Lets the Foundation use your gift in a program or area deemed to be of greatest need. 
  • Restricted bequest - Has a specified purpose.  You may, for instance, specify the gift be used for a particular program or area of research at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.   

Tax Benefits

A bequest to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation can also provide a tax benefit to your estate.  The estate will get a tax receipt for the full value of the bequest.  That receipt will reduce the tax payable by the estate.  If the total receipt cannot be used for tax purposes on the donor's final tax return, the excess may be carried back to the previous tax year and used to claim a refund. 

Wills can be complex and should be drafted with the help of a lawyer.  A lawyer, tax accountant or estate planner can help you set up your will to minimize taxes and probate fees on your estate. 


If you are thinking of including the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in your will, we would like to meet with you or your lawyer to review the terms of the bequest, particularly if it is restricted, to ensure that we will be able to comply with your wishes.  For further information or to meet with a Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation Gift Planning officer, please contact us at 780-433-5437.

For sample will clauses, please click here.