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Annual report 2020-21

Strength in numbers

To say 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. For many, the global pandemic compounded daily challenges like physical health, mental health and financial hardship, and pushed the boundaries in a whole new way. Despite that, YOU, our donors and supporters, came through for the children who needed the Stollery more than ever. You proved that when it comes to kids’ health, there truly is strength in numbers.

Even though we had to remain apart much of the time, you worked with us to be part of innovative new ways to fundraise for kids who are ill or injured. From quickly adapting to interactive, online events and finding safer alternatives to keep donors and volunteers engaged, to establishing the Stollery Action Fund that directly supports Stollery staff and patient families through the uncertainty of COVID-19, you were there for us and for the families we support.

Because of you, we raised $42,532 for the Stollery Action Fund. This fund provided much-needed peer-to-peer mental health supports to frontline care providers during the early days of COVID-19 and allowed children’s researchers to better understand pediatric emergency response during the pandemic. Donors also provided more NICView crib-side cameras to help Stollery families, who couldn’t be inside the Hospital, stay connected to their critically ill newborns.

Because of you, we raised $525,600 for several multi-year fundraising priorities. This includes increasing urgent mental health clinical expertise within the Stollery Emergency, as well as expanding The Beach play area — a space used by kids who have longer hospital stays — to double its current size for access to both a safe indoor and outdoor play space for kids and youth of all ages and abilities.

Because of you, we invested $5 million to advance breakthroughs in pediatric research such as helping to improve outcomes for kids living with kidney disease, and determining how traumatic experiences, like immigrating to a new country or living through a pandemic, negatively impact the mental health of children and teens.

Through additional, ongoing investments in pediatric transport, telehealth programs and specialized equipment, you’re the reason we keep advancing care at the Stollery and beyond its walls. Together, we can give all kids the best chance at a long and healthy life.


Mike House, MBA, ICD.D

President and CEO

Noah Jones, BA, CFP, CLU

Chair, Board of Trustees


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Audited financial statement - year ended March 31, 2021