Lend your voice to the call to help build a new home for the Stollery, for kids tomorrow and today.

Virtual health care

It’s possible to envision a world where kids have access to health care wherever they are, through seamlessly integrated virtual care.

Virtual health care

We’re committed to creating a Stollery Centre for Virtual Health to advance kids’ health care and make this vision a reality.

The impact of the Stollery Centre for Virtual Health on kids, families and health-care professionals will mean:

  • Easier, quicker access to expert Stollery family-centred care and expanded virtual health solutions.
  • Seamless transition of in-person and virtual care between health care providers, community partners and families.
  • Improved health care management through virtual rounds, virtual education and self-management tools.
  • Improved treatments and health outcomes.
  • Reduced admissions, quicker discharges and continuous care.
  • Reduced treatment costs, travel costs and environmental impact.
  • Building a community of practice by developing learning opportunities and introducing integrated technologies between virtual health care and physical health care delivery.

Our goal

We will raise $3 million over five years to create a Stollery Centre for Virtual Health to enhance and expand innovative, pediatric virtual health solutions across northern Alberta and beyond.

Our vision

By creating a Stollery Centre for Virtual Health, we will provide innovative and enhanced virtual care services for all Stollery kids – locally and in rural and remote locations including culturally sensitive care to Indigenous families.

Removing barriers

“The pandemic changed how pediatric health care can be delivered and provided the Stollery with new opportunities to be a leader in virtual health care delivery. We have momentum and conditions are ideal to grow and advance virtual health care for kids and families.”

– Dr. Dr. Carina Majaesic, associate chair clinical, department of pediatrics in the faculty of medicine and dentistry, University of Alberta

As the Stollery serves the largest catchment area in the country with as many as 28 per cent of patient visits coming from outside the Edmonton zone, the Centre for Virtual Health will help to remove geographic barriers.