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Jace is an active six-year-old boy who enjoys playing flag football. He has a wonderful group of friends who take good care of him. Some days his body will just shut down and he needs a couple of extra rest days. But all in all, he really is leading the life his parents dreamed he would.

This is thanks to the expert care he received at the Stollery Children’s Hospital – and thanks to supporters like you.

Even before Jace was born, his mom Whitney knew that there might be trouble with his kidneys. An ultrasound when she was 20 weeks pregnant showed a possible growth on his kidneys.

As Whitney recalls:

Our hospital in Lloydminster connected us with an urology specialist at the Stollery. And that’s when the Stollery first started taking care of us. Before Jace was even born.

 Then, when he was six weeks old, scans showed that there was indeed something wrong with Jace’s kidney. He had a condition called hydronephrosis — and his left kidney wasn’t functioning.

 I knew we were in good hands at the Stollery.

 Our Stollery specialist was also a mom and told us, “This is nothing that you’ve done. This can happen. And now we are going to figure out what we can do for Jace to lead a normal life.”

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. I don’t even know where we would be today without the phenomenal team at the Stollery.

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