Our Board

The Board of Trustees for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is comprised of dedicated volunteers who are recruited from the communities the Stollery Children’s Hospital serves. Our Board is responsible for evaluating the Foundation’s goals and objectives to ensure the Foundation accomplishes the tasks set out in the Board’s strategic plan. We are thankful to our Board members for their vision and dedication to improving the lives of sick kids at the Stollery.

Board of Trustees:

President & CEO:

Mike House

Board Chair:

Marshall Sadd

Board Vice Chair:

Richard Kirby

Board of Trustees:

Laurie Anderson

Rod MacKenzie

Richard Balan

Leigh-Anne Palter

Kelly Blackett

Gordon Panas

Jim Caldwell

Stephen Petasky

Jonathan Chia

Mr. Ryan Pomeroy

Dr. Alf Conradi

Ian W. Reynolds

Lindsay Dodd

Dr. William Sharun

Doug Goss

Micheal Webb

Noah Jones

Dr. Greg Zeschuk



Dr. Richard Fedorak

Dr. Susan Gilmour

Dr. David Mador

Dr. Christine Kyriakides

Christine Westerlund