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Gifts of products and services

When you give gifts of products and services, you help us reduce expenses. These gifts are incredibly helpful and are used to eliminate the costs of certain things we would normally have to purchase.

Here are some examples of accepted gifts of products or services:

  • Auction items
  • Event decor
  • Food and beverages for our volunteers
  • Venue spaces
  • Office equipment or supplies
  • Incentives and prizes
  • Transportation and delivery

Please reach out us before making your donation to ensure that your gift can be used as intended. Where applicable, your gift may be eligible for a tax receipt, recognized at our events and/or on our website.

two volunteers holding tim hortons smile cookies

Reach out to Christy to learn more about giving products or services

Christy Ravndahl‑George​
Senior development officer, corporate 780.431.4610