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Meet Addison & Addley


When Addison was three months old, doctors discovered she had a large hole in her heart, in addition to multiple tiny ones. Addison went for open-heart surgery when she was 14 months old. Unfortunately, she experienced multiple complications from the surgery that led to her lungs filling with fluid, ultimately leading to a blood transfusion and a chronic lung disease diagnosis. Over the years, Addison has had many tests and procedures, from CT scans and echocardiograms to X-rays and swallow tests. She’s been admitted to the Stollery five times and has had five surgeries, including ear reconstruction surgery.

While Addley has a heart murmur similar to Addison, she fortunately has never needed open-heart surgery. Addley also has hearing issues, which have led to her needing ear tubes and ultimately, ear reconstruction surgery, just like her sister. The more daring twin, Addley, needed orthopedic surgery on her elbow after she broke it in October 2020.

Today, both twins wear hearing aids and visit the Hospital regularly to monitor their hearing issues. Addison’s team also keeps a close eye on her heart, lungs and gastrointestinal tract.  With two kids needing specialized care, their parents are grateful to have the world-class Stollery right in their backyard.

Visiting the Stollery weekly or monthly, it’s become our home away from home.
– Brittany, Addison & Addley’s mom