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Meet Emmy


Emmy is a little performer — singing, dancing, acting — you name it! Thanks to her Stollerific team, Emmy was given the chance to walk again and shine like the star she is.

Since moving to St. Albert from Calgary in 2016, Emmy has been followed closely by her team at the Stollery to monitor her spinal dysgenesis, a rare congenital deformity in her spine. In 2019, Emmy’s condition began to worsen, and her team decided she needed a spinal decompression or fusion. Her surgery went well and Emmy went home to recover. Unfortunately, a few days after returning home, Emmy had popped one of the rods they placed during the surgery — effectively breaking her back — so back to the Stollery they went. During the repair surgery, Emmy’s team discovered her hips needed to be fully repaired for her to be able to keep the rods in place. Emmy’s recovery involved a full-body cast in green and yellow — with her Dr. PatchUp stuffie wearing a matching one. Finally, after two body cast changes, Emmy had a successful hip repair surgery.

Today, Emmy is able to twirl and dance, and her family is grateful to her whole team at the Stollery — not only for changing Emmy’s quality of life, but also for supporting their family during Emmy’s time there.

Just knowing the level of care we will receive from the Stollery team gives us hope, even when things seem impossibly hard.
– Lee, Emmy’s dad