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Meet Hudson


In October 2018, Hudson wasn’t feeling well and it seemed like he had the flu. When his mom noticed a change in his breathing, she rushed him to the Stollery. While Hudson’s illness began with H1N1 influenza, it quickly led to a serious staph infection that caused a severe case of pneumonia, followed by septic shock. Hudson spent 19 days on life support in the Stollery’s Hiller Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and another six days on a ventilator. While in septic shock, his body directed all its energy to his vital organs, which led to the slowing of circulation to his extremities. During his 258 days at the Stollery, Hudson’s team of experts performed more than 30 procedures and surgeries to relieve pressure, prevent muscle damage and remove damaged tissue from his arms and legs, ultimately amputating his leg below his right knee to save his life.

Despite the long rehabilitation road ahead of him, Hudson’s spirit remains unbreakable and his parents are grateful to have a world-class children’s hospital in their backyard.

The difference the Stollery makes to kids and families is massive – it’s what saved his life.
– Brian, Hudson’s dad