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Meet Morgan


At just two months old, Morgan started having seizures and was rushed to the Stollery in an ambulance, where she was diagnosed with cortical dysplasia – a form of epilepsy. There, she was prescribed medication that helped keep her seizures under control.

After Morgan turned two, her seizures started happening more often, so she was prescribed an additional three medications in hopes to control the seizures once again. Between November 2014 and January 2015, Morgan had nearly 900 seizures, including 28 seizures on Christmas day. Medication wasn’t working, so neurologists at the Stollery decided to try intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) treatments. Morgan had 16 IVIg treatments from December 2014 to September 2016, successfully reducing the frequency of her seizures.

In early 2020, Morgan’s seizures started to increase again. Morgan spent five days at the Stollery for a full neuro-psychology assessment, seizure mapping, a PET scan and a detailed MRI of her brain. The assessment showed Morgan’s neurosurgeons the location of the seizure activity and how much of her brain was impacted. Morgan was then scheduled for brain surgery.

On April 28, 2021, Morgan underwent a four-hour surgery to remove part of her frontal lobe. She spent just four days at the Stollery recovering – which was nearly half the time as expected. After surgery, she continued to make significant strides in recovery. Nine days after having brain surgery, Morgan returned to school. Except for one seizure earlier this year, Morgan has been successfully managing her seizures since having brain surgery nearly three years ago. Her parents are grateful to have a world-class children’s hospital right in their backyard to help them support Morgan’s condition.

I cannot say enough about how amazing the Stollery has been, not only for helping control Morgan’s seizures but also educating our entire family on Morgan’s condition.
– Melissa, Morgan’s mom