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Rylan is a performer at heart — from acting in school plays, to writing and performing original songs on his acoustic guitar. Thanks to the experts at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, he gets to explore his creative side.

After his parents noticed a bump on the side of Rylan’s skull, a full-body scan confirmed he had McCune Albright Syndrome (brittle bones). Rylan also has fibrous dysplasia (FD) which is causing his bone tissue to be gradually replaced with fibrous tissue, making his skeleton weak. The fibrous dysplasia is also affecting Rylan’s vision and hearing. On a typical day, Rylan has moderate to severe pain. In effort to keep broken bones at bay, Rylan can’t play hockey, baseball or any contact sports. Instead of focusing on what he can’t do, Rylan and his family focus on all that he can do, which includes being an excellent singer and guitar player. Rylan is a joyful and humble young man, and his family is grateful to have a world-class children’s hospital right in their backyard.

Raising a child with a rare disease can be a wave of emotions. We’re thankful the Stollery has continued to calm our storm.
– Jocelyn, Rylan’s mom