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Practice makes perfect


Our Stollery Children’s Hospital is full of world-class experts. But even the best of the best need to practice their skills to be ready to handle whatever a Stollery kid may be facing. That’s where the Stollery simulation program comes in.

Launched in the spring of 2021, this program allows the Stollery’s health-care providers to keep their skills sharp in a safe environment through simulated situations such as talking to a parent or putting in an IV, as well as complex procedures and operations.

To help enhance the experience, the simulation program has a variety of life-like mannequins ranging from a 700-gram baby to a 250-pound adult-sized mannequin. But these aren’t your ordinary mannequins! They can talk, cry, breathe and respond during medical procedures to help prepare Stollery staff for real-life experiences

The Stollery simulation program is the busiest program of its kind in the Edmonton zone. There is a growing demand for simulation-based education throughout the Stollery that exceeds the current available resources, which is why, last year, we provided $240,000 to support the program. Over a period of five years beginning in 2020, we have committed $878,000 to improve the delivery of the simulation program for health care providers at the Stollery.

To some, practice makes perfect. At the Stollery, perfect practice makes perfect. Through your support of the Stollery simulation program, you are helping to make sure Stollery staff are ready for anything to help give kids the best chance to live a long and healthy life.

SIM program by the numbers:

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