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New point-of-care ultrasound machine improves Stollery care for the whole family


Golfers at the 2023 Tee Up for Tots golf invitational teed off in support of much-needed specialized pediatric equipment at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, such as the RS85 Prestige point-of-care ultrasound machine which helps gastroenterologists in the diagnosis and monitoring of many liver and inflammatory bowel diseases. 

The diagnosis and monitoring of many GI conditions typically requires patients to have a scope, an uncomfortable and invasive procedure that takes several days to prepare for. A scope involves numerous healthcare professionals and also requires general anesthesia, which can be traumatic and more invasive for the child. The point-of-care ultrasound machine at the Stollery gastroenterology clinic reduces the need for scopes in kids, while also reducing wait times for families who get to see and hear results in real time from their doctor, without leaving the examination room. This also leaves room for practitioners to have more patient visits per day and reduce wait times.