Lend your voice to the call to help build a new home for the Stollery, for kids tomorrow and today.

20 years of Stollery care!


Stollery Children’s Hospital namesake Bob Stollery once said giving back to the community is a “state of mind” and we should all make time for our priorities, adding, “sharing is good business”.

Since 2001, the Foundation’s been in the business of doing good and we have our 100,000+ donors, supporters and volunteers to thank for all the life-changing successes along the way. Whether it’s helping the Stollery become the hub in Western Canada for pediatric cardiac care, to opening the first children’s emergency department in northern Alberta that serves more than 53,000 kids every year, the milestones are many and the impact is boundless.

With the help of our growing Stollery community, we’ve been able to advance the long-term health of kids by investing in breakthroughs in pediatric research — more than $83 million since 2006. From improving earlier detection of autism, and supporting the mental health of teens as they transition into adult care, to reducing and preventing diabetes in Indigenous children, and harnessing the sun to prevent childhood deaths in developing countries, innovation in research is transforming care from the bench to the bedside.

Our donors have proudly funded the Awasisak Indigenous Health Program at the Stollery, the first and only program of its kind in Canada to provide culturally sensitive services for Indigenous families and bridge health-care services in a caring, supportive team environment.

We continue to advance physical and mental health care for kids and teens, elevate family-centred care programs to support more families who journey through the Stollery and invest in the most relevant technologies and training to make sure the Stollery attracts and retains the best specialists. Our vision is to one day see all of this expert care delivered in a new children’s hospital in Edmonton, specifically designed for kids, teens and families.

Just think, we’ve accomplished all this and more in just 20 years. Imagine what we can do, together, in the next 20?