2020_Stollery Story Squad _Aaryan _350x 400 

Aaryan loves everything about soccer. He loves cheering for the Liverpool Football Club with his dad, but he loves playing soccer with his dad even more. Thanks to the expert care he received at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Aaryan doesn’t just dream about goals – he gets to make them.

When Aaryan was three years old, he started acting sluggish, had issues with his vision and trouble walking and doing activities independently, such as dressing himself. His parents took him to the Stollery’s emergency room and just six hours, a physical examination and several blood tests later, Aaryan was diagnosed with leukemia. After a two month stay at the Hospital that included a month of chemotherapy and surgery for a burst appendix, Aaryan is now cancer free. Aaryan’s parents are grateful to have the world-class Hospital in their backyard that has allowed them to watch their little boy grow up.