Meet Arabella

Arabella and her twin sister, Ava, arrived by emergency C-section seven weeks early. Then Arabella spent the first seven months of her life at the Stollery.

Schf22005 Arabella and twin

During those seven months, medical experts at the Stollery worked tirelessly to help Arabella on her journey. And her parents know what a key role you played, too, as a generous supporter of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Her mother has asked me to pass along this message:

“Every dollar that goes to support the Stollery helps each child and family, from near and far. Those doctors and nurses are there right now, saving other children’s lives. 

Your gift is life and strength. It’s a breath that a child might not have breathed without you.”

Will you make a gift to help purchase specialized pediatric equipment that will help children like Arabella today?

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Today, Arabella is a two-year-old who loves to climb and run and jump. She’s active, fun and extremely loving. Sunshine and fresh air make her smile from ear to ear. 

The Stollery will continue to play a big part in Arabella’s life. And her mom, Alicia, is grateful for the role supporters play in the Hospital’s story – and her daughter’s.

As Arabella’s mother says so eloquently, your gift is life and strength.

With sincere thanks for your ongoing support,

Mike House, Proud Donor
President & CEO, Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation