Meet Mackenzee

Mackenzee Wittke is 12 years old now. But she is the same weight and height as a young toddler. You see, Mackenzee was born with an extremely rare condition that has affected her brain, her lungs and her heart.

There have been so many times that Stollery doctors and nurses fought for Mackenzee’s life. Each and every time, they relied on equipment that donors like you helped us purchase.

Her mom, Kim Wittke, is thankful for the care at the Stollery thanks to your support:Stollery kid Mackenzee and family

Mackenzee wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have the quick access to the Stollery.

The quality of care is unlike anything that we have experienced. When your baby is hooked up to all of these different machines, and all of a sudden doctors and nurses are in your life, it’s completely overwhelming. But they took time to explain what they could. Even though it was still scary, we understood what was going on.

We knew that Mackenzee was in good hands. She was in the neonatal intensive care unit for almost five months, and some nights I needed to be home with my older daughter. They gave me updates many times a day just to let me know how she was doing.

I remember the nurses saying, “Oh, yes, Mackenzee’s with us. We’re all fighting over her because we love her.”

It’s not just a job to those nurses. It’s a passion. And to me, that made all the difference, knowing that they were looking out for my girl as much as I was.

At first, we thought she may only live through the week. But thanks to the Stollery and your support, she has made it 12 years.

As we begin a new year, will you help us to help more children like Mackenzee by donating to fund the equipment and programs that make such a difference?

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Thank you for helping us give all kids the best chance at a long and healthy life.