Pediatric surgery clinic expansion

"Early surgery leads to better patient outcomes," says Dr. Evans. "A bigger clinic means we can see more patients and get more surgeons into the space at one time."

Relocating and expanding the Stollery pediatric surgery clinic to improve service and safety for children and families

The Stollery pediatric surgery clinic is often the first place where a surgeon will meet the child/youth and their family. However, as our population expands and the need continues to grow, aging infrastructure and limited space make it increasingly difficult for Hospital staff to provide the best possible care for surgical patients.

"As the Stollery has developed into a centre of excellence, it's fair to say our clinic hasn't done the same," says Dr. Mark Evans, divisional director, pediatric surgery at the Stollery Children's Hospital.

That's why the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation is committed to raising $13 million over four years to help build a new, modern pediatric surgery clinic in the neighbouring KAYE Edmonton Clinic, also located on the University of Alberta campus.

Improving access and patient outcomes

The expanded pediatric surgery clinic, expected to open in 2024, will:

  • Allow more surgeons to see more patients and recommend surgical solutions sooner
  • Create a safer environment for patients and staff
  • Place a greater focus on family-centred care, including a kids' play area in the waiting room
  • Offer Stollery surgical staff members new eductational and research opportunities

By the numbers

  • The Stollery pediatric surgery clinic currently sees about 30,000 patient visits annually with a projected 5 per cent annual growth rate.
  • The clinic sees an average of 140 patients in an eight-hour day, which translates into 18 patients per hour, plus parents and siblings, meaning updwards of 50+ people per hour.
  • Children and youth come from across central and northern Alberta, and from the other three western provinces and three territories.
  • Many of the Stollery's pediatric surgery clinic programs, including transplantation and cardiac, are internationally recognized and serve all of Western Canada.
  • The pediatric surgery clinic currently supports 11 different surgical sub-specialities including neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and reconstructive/plastic surgery.

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To learn more about this important fundraising campaign, please contact Sue McCoy at 780.431.4605.