“September 18, 2018, was the worst day of my life. And it could have ended in tragedy, if it weren’t for caring people like you.” — Karen, Brayden’s mom

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Brayden loves sports – especially hockey! Thanks to the experts at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, everyday Brayden is gaining the strength and confidence to help him reach his goals.

Early into the Grade one school year, Brayden unexpectedly displayed the classic signs of a stroke: face drooping, arm weakness and speech difficulty (FAST), among other symptoms. That evening, Brayden's mom noticed his speech sounded strange and only half of his face was moving. Brayden’s parents rushed him to their local emergency department where doctors sent him by ambulance to the Stollery. At the Stollery, Brayden had a CT scan that confirmed he had suffered a stroke earlier that day. Spending eight days at the Stollery, Brayden had many tests done and doctors discovered part of his heart had never closed and he needed surgery. This cardiac surgery is not normally performed on children and Brayden was only the second child at the Stollery to have it done.

Brayden is followed closely by his team at the Stollery, including neurology and cardiology. Brayden does not let his stroke define him and his family is thankful this world-class children’s hospital is just a short drive away.

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